Fürth-Unterfarrnbach – biogas plant provides school with heat

The agriculturalist Rainer Huber of Unterfarrnbach operates a biogas plant with small combined heat and power plant to provide to several households and to a close primary school with heat. 

Heating with eco energy

At the request of the city Fürth, with CHP plant operator Huber was agreed to use the CHP’s available waste heat for heating the school. In order to secure this small district heating network, the plant is expanded with a Power-to-Heat control heating from ENERPIPE. Thereby, excess eco electric energy can be converted nearly 1:1 into heating via EnerHEAT and can be stored in a buffer storage.

The EnerHEAT R-EH 250kW is also used for the control energy provision.

Facts and Figures:

  • Run length: 442m
  • Total power: 391kW
  • Buffer volume: 10m³

Primary school

Power-to-Heat EnerHEAT R-EH 250kW

District heating buffer storage from ENERPIPE

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