Martin Böckler Director
Ludwig Heinloth Director
Kerstin Schneck Accounting
Gertraud Gerngroß Service
Marie Rebelein Service
Christoph Bachmann Sales division
Robert Harrer Sales division
Florian Schroll Sales division
Philipp Unöder Sales division
Johanna Merkenschlager Sales division
Lars Genev Sales division
Sebastian Blab Sales division
Eva Rückert Sales division
Christian Kölsch Sales division
Markus Euring Key Account Manager
Andreas Fiegl Service
Patrick Brückel Service
Michael Pfaller Service
Michael Ackstaller Service
Produktion & Logistik Warehouse
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„“The potential for heat, which is generated entirely from renewable sources, is enormous. We want to help our customers to be able to utilize the available resources in the best possible way.”             Ludwig Heinloth, director of ENERPIPE“
Ludwig Heinloth, Geschäftsführer ENERPIPE