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CaldoCLICK Muffenset

Your advantages at a glanc

  • Safe and efficient thermal insulation
  • Fast and tool-free installation without gluing, screwing and shrinking
  • Ribbing on the outside of the joint for high static loads
  • Injection molded parts made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Stress-free assembly due to flexible sealing ring system aud EPDM
  • Available in two sizes and three shapes (I, L, T)
  • Covers pipe dimensions from 76 mm to 202 mm due to flexible adaptation

Pipe connection with click system - it couldn't be easier!

The new CaldoCLICK joint system inspires with its quick and easy installation thanks to the innovative molding system. Especially on construction sites, the stable click system is of great advantage: even strongly bent pipes can be connected easily and stress-free with the CaldoCLICK joints and installed regardless of the weather, as time-consuming gluing, screwing or shrinking is no longer required.

Easy construction

Guide bars make it easier to position the half-shells, which only need to be clicked together and locked in their final form. A seal that has already been inserted guarantees safe and permanent watertightness. The sealing rings are now pushed between the CaldoCLICK sleeve and the FibreFLEX/CaldoPEX heat pipe and are reliably held in place by two locking rings. After the green plug-in clips have been attached, the PU foam can be filled in directly without waiting.

Security and thermal insulation

This secure connection technology offers the highest thermal insulation properties through the use of polyurethane foam. The sealing rings are optimally matched to the pipe geometry, so they allow a high degree of flexibility in the movement of the pipe and provide a reliable seal between the socket and the pipe.

Flexible connection

Due to its flexible adjustment, the small sleeve covers an outer pipe diameter of 76 mm up to 142 mm, the large sleeve is used for outer pipe diameters of up to 202 mm.