R-EH 100kW - 1MW

The Power-to-Heat control heater of ENERPIPE is designed for the use of negative balancing energy. Due to the specially developed technology this controlled heater meets all requirements in the balancing energy market. The system has a fast response time and is adjustable to the performance requirements.

The heating elements, mounted into the controlled heater, consist of high-quality stainless steel, which is specially designed for high temperature ranges of up to 400°C. For proper operation it is important that the heating elements are clean and free from grease and other films. An integrated test opening on the jacket pipe enables a visual check of the heating elements. For the operation of the heating elements heating water according to VDI 2035 has to be used.

The hydraulic parts - tested for function and leak tightness – are approved for a temperature of 110°C and a permissible operating pressure of 6 bar. Higher pressure and temperature resistance is supplied on request.  The power connection plug is pre-installed, marked and can be connected easily from the control cabinet, which complies with the protection class 2. All system components are installed in a totally insulated casing: main switch, emergency stop, summation current transformer with instrument transformer and the associated read-out technology, load contactors, SPS control to adjust all necessary switching processes. The SPS control can be equipped optionally web-based, to ensure all necessary switching processes. Furthermore an interval inspection of all functional parts has already been programmed. If a function cannot be guaranteed, the SPS control sends an error message. This can be carried optionally via telephone dialing units.

The installed components in the control cabinet meet the German industry standard. Therefore a permanent and safe function of all plant components can be guaranteed.


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The product “R-EH 100kW – 1MW” has been built in the following projects:

Trommetsheim: heat supply is assured

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The product R-EH 100kW - 1MW has been built in the following projects