High performance buffer storage HPZL-H

Suitable for a heating network with a central pump HP800ZL-H up to 25.000 kWh and HP1000ZL-H up to 40.000 kWh - including high performance hygienic exchanger

  • Hygienic heating of drinking water by internal stainless steel corrugated pipe
  • The heat exchanger in high performance quality guarantees an effective heat distribution
  • Feeder pump is installed centrally in the heating system (provided by the customer)
  • Separation of the system with a robust heating coil exchanger and therefore no mixing of heating water
  • Volume flow controller for hydraulic balancing in the network
  • Switching valve to increase flow water
  • No return heating into the heating network
  • Layer pipe for a clean layering of return temperature
  • Excellent insulation of 125mm insulating material

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„“An intelligent heating supply, environmentally meaningful, sustainably and independently of big energy suppliers – that is for us the model of the future”   Martin Böckler, director of ENERPIPE  “
Martin Böckler,Geschäftsführer ENERPIPE